Our employees make the difference. The reputation and trustworthiness of Collison-Goll is a direct result of the dedication and commitment of our employees. The average tenure of our employees is 18 years and one of our active employees has been with us for over 45 years. Experience like that can't be taught.

While Collison-Goll values experience we also realize new younger minds are needed to bring fresh ideas to old problems. Younger employees are added each year and we have begun a program with a local high school to bring in students on a working credit program.

Our employees receive regular training on health and safety issues (dictated by our Joint Health and Safety Committee), WHMIS and machine specific instructions. With the changing technology, many of our employees have been moved from cam driven machines and trained on CNC machines. This has allowed us to retain the knowledge of our employees and has allowed our employees to further their machining careers with Collison-Goll.

At Collison-Goll, we believe that we are not just responsible for our employees, but also their families and we are committed to them. The company has annual families outings which have included Wonderland, Blue Jays Games, Marineland, His Majesty's Feast and a Game Zone Park. We have also had the pleasure of having many of the employees children work with us during the summer and many have spent a day with us on "bring-your-kid-to-work" days. We protect our families with a superior health plan and a group RRSP plan.


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