Bring Your Ideas from Prototype to Reality With Precision Machining

December 29, 2016

Having a wonderful idea for a new product or at least a way to make an existing one better is great, but it takes time and effort to convince investors and others that the idea will fly. One of the best ways to provide the information needed to capture their interest is to create a prototype. Working with a precision machining service to create that sample product is one of the smartest moves that a company owner can make. Here is what to expect after contacting a representative and beginning the process of turning that prototype into a reality.

Going Over the Specifications

There is already a fair amount of information in place about the proposed product. Sitting down with a professional from the machining service makes it possible to refine the basic plans for the prototype. That includes coming up with measurements, identifying the specifications for custom parts, and in general making sure nothing is left to chance. Once the specifications are settled and all the questions about the design are answered, the project can move on to the next phase.

Making Adjustments

What looks great in the plans may not be quite as effective in the actual execution. One of the ways that the machining service rep will support the client is to make suggestions about potential adjustments. Would a different material provide more durability to the prototype? Perhaps a different material would offer the same level of performance but be less costly. Having access to this type of help will make the creation process more effective.

How Long Will It Take?

The complexity of the prototype will play a major role in determining how long it takes to have it ready for presentation. If the new machine is simple in design and it won't take long to create the parts, it could be ready in a matter of days. Anything that is larger and involves a greater volume of milled parts will likely take longer.

Always work with the service representative to set a deadline. Remember that it makes sense to have one that is a few days before the business owner plans on presenting the prototype to investors and others. Should any unanticipated complications arise, there is time to resolve them and still be ready for the presentation.

Testing is a Must

The machine service won't just make the parts and hand them over to the customer. There will be testing that must be done before the project is considered complete. All components must perform within an acceptable range or be milled again. This attention to detail ensures that the prototype will work properly when the company owner demonstrates it to key individuals in the business, up to and including investors.

Take no chances with the creation of that prototype. Work with a precision machining service that has the resources to ensure the completed product is everything the business owner envisions. Doing so increases the odds of successfully convincing investors that the new offering will benefit the business on multiple levels.

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