Common CNC Methods From Our Shop Floor

March 29, 2017

There is no doubt that computer numerical control has changed the way that machine shops function. The level of precision and attention to detail that comes with various CNC approaches ensures that parts produced using lathes, rotary transfer machines, and automatic screw machines are higher in quality and the perfect fit for customers. When employing CNC, the method chosen is based on what the customer wants and which approach will provide the best result. Here are three methods that are part of the process offered.

Manual Programming for CNC

Custom machining services typically offer what is known as manual programming. This particular method does not reply on software to automatically generate code using information that is fed into the program. Instead, the machinist does the actual program writing for the specific project. This approach is particularly effective when automated code is not likely to capture or prioritize certain elements of the parts manufacturing process in the way the customer wants. While more time-consuming, this method is ideal when a little extra care is essential.

The Shop Floor Strategy

This approach to precision CNC machining sidesteps the programming on the front end and allows the machinist to use a control board to create the program in a real-time fashion. Using the keypad and the range of features available, the design and the specifications are entered quickly and without a great deal of trouble. Once all the factors are taken into consideration, it's possible to create a prototype. If that prototype ends up being exactly what the customer wants, it's easy to save the program and use if for the production of a few additional products or produce thousands of units.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

This approach is combines the best elements of both the manual and the shop floor approaches. The mix of software, data, and the ability to manually tweak that data results in a final design code that can be used for a short run. Assuming the units produced possess all the qualities that the customer desires, the code is saved and can be used for the current and future projects.

The use of CAM technology along with computer aided design and computer numerical control is becoming more popular. That should come as no surprise, since it provides the opportunity to create the basic code and then alter it in whatever way is necessary to refine and improve the finished product. It's also seen as one of the more flexible approaches, since it allows for human instincts to be as much of the process as the automated code generation for the precision machine products

When choosing the right company to produce prototypes or large quantities of parts, it pays to understand what methods are used to create the design and fill the order. The best CNC machine manufacturers offer approaches that are flexible enough to work for customers who have specific needs and ensure the finished products will do the job. Call today and let's talk about your next project. It won't take long to identify the right method and ensure you are happy with the result.

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