Swiss CNC Lathes Take Precision to the Next Level

November 3, 2016

Lathes remain one of the most practical ways for shaping materials like wood and metal. That makes them ideal for all sorts of precision work, especially with machine components. A customer would do well to find out of the machine shop utilizes CNC lathes as part of the production process. Here are some of the ways that these lathes take the process to the next level and ensure the customer is happy.

Easier to Manage Quality Control

The range of features found on Swiss lathes makes it easier to monitor the quality control process. Specifically, the machinist will find it easier to ensure the finished product incorporates every specific detail required by the customer. This minimizes the potential for components and other products to be deficient in some way.

Simplifying the Production Process

This approach to precision machining also makes the actual production process easier to manage. With other types of equipment, it may be necessary to run each unit through multiple types of machinery before the product is considered ready for the customer. One of the benefits offered by Swiss machining lathes is that they are capable of handling multiple functions. That means much of the detail work for each unit is completed without having to use several machines.

Faster Results

Whether the order happens to be a small one or calls for thousands of units to be produced and delivered, these types of rotary transfer machines can move the project along at a swift pace. The ability to complete projects and move on to those that are still pending saves time and money for everyone involved.

Consider what this means to a customer who needs thousands of screws designed to fit one or more types of custom machinery. The fact that the equipment can produce exact units without delays translates into less potential for the client to face shutdowns that make it harder for them to fulfill customer orders or keep a production facility up and running.

Durability is a Staple

Swiss CNC lathes are produced using only the best materials. That makes it much easier to maintain the machinery and reduce the amount of wear and tear sustained over the years. Choosing to invest in this type of machines means the shop owner does not have to replace the lathes as often. In fact, it's possible for the Swiss lathe to last anywhere from two to three times the amount of time as some other options. While it may be necessary to pay a little more up front, the durability of the machinery will easily justify the expense in the years to come.

Before spending any money on new lathes and other essential CNC machinery, it pays to consider Swiss designs. Compare the function, the setup, and the efficiency with what other options have to offer. Ask questions about ease of use, what measures are needed to maintain the equipment, and what sort of repairs may be needed based on the volume usage. The machine shop owner will find that this approach offers all the benefits found with other equipment, plus a few more perks that makes the purchase worthwhile.

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