What Should You Look for in a Precision Machining Service Partner?

October 2, 2016

It's time to turn that great idea into an actual product. The question currently on the table is which precision machining service will be the partner who handles the actual manufacturing. Before settling on a particular partner, it pays to ask some questions. Here are a few characteristics that the right service partner will possess.

An Established Reputation

Find out more about the clients who already do business with the service partner. How many of them happen to be companies with solid reputations for providing quality products? If the service provider is capable of manufacturing parts that meet the standards of those industry leaders, it's a safe bet that the provider can do the same for one more client.

Help With Inventory Management

A partner who has the capability to set up a recurring production and delivery schedule will make life a lot easier for the client. Instead of having to stockpile components and pay higher taxes on supply inventories, the client is able to establish a ship to stock arrangement that has a standard order of parts arriving just a few days before the current supply is exhausted. Over the course of a calendar year, this type of support will help reduce production downtimes and also minimize the amount that the client ends up paying in business related taxes.

The Range of Machining Capabilities

Always ask questions about what sort of projects the partner can manage. Does the partner have a solid plan in place for the creation of prototypes parts when the need arises? How about the ability to handle a high-volume order on a tight deadline? Knowing that the partner can handle anything from creating a working model to show investors to delivering finished products that are needed now instead of next week is something that will come in handy in the future.

Offering Kitting Services

Kitting is a process that involves preparing a kit or set of individual components that are ultimately assembled by the client. If the plan is to have the partner produce more than one type of custom machining component that will fit together in the finished product, kitting services will safe a lot of time on the back end.

Only the Best Materials

It's easy to find service partners who offer competitive volume contracts. What's more difficult is to find a partner who only uses the best raw materials in the manufacturing of components for their clients. Always ask about the standards employed when selecting materials for any project. Unless the specifications are in line with the quality standards of the client, entering into a working agreement at any cost is not worth the time or the money.

Remember that the best precision CNC machining services provide transparency to potential clients. That means the team is open to any questions the client may have, and has no problem providing detailed answers. By finding out as much as possible about that potential partner, it will be easy to make a decision that serves the client well for many years to come.

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