Armament Parts Manufacturing

There are few applications where precision component manufacturing is more important than the armament industry. In finished pieces where millimeters could make the difference between a clean shot and a misfire, you need an armament machining company that knows how to take aim towards quality. Collison-Goll brings 70 years of expertise to the table, with a manufacturing facilities keyed for custom gun parts manufacturing in all quantities and sizes. Whether you're looking for high volume components or custom after-market parts, our well-trained team is ready to work with you to make it happen.

Our company has worked with gun manufacturers to produce custom firearm components that increase value and support branding throughout their product lines, with a clear emphasis on quality and performance. We're able to work in a variety of metals, utilizing your computerized designs to bring your innovations to life. We can manufacture your most complex armament part needs using powerful CAD/CAM programs, state-of-the-art machinery and seasoned professionals.

Dominate the armament playing field by partnering with a proven custom gun component manufacturer that's as committed to quality as you are. Call Collison-Goll today: we're the right armament machining company for the job, period!

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