Multi-Spindle Machines Make Manufacturing Small Parts Easy

January 3, 2017

There is no doubt that Computer Numerical Control or CNC technology has made a huge difference when it comes to any type of machining project. What you may not realize is how using this technology in tandem with multi spindle machines is making life a lot easier for you as a customer. Here are some examples of why this approach makes securing the precision machined products you need simpler and more affordable.

The Ability to Produce More Units Per Hour

A key benefit of using a multi spindle approach is the increase in units that can be produced each business hour. This may not seem like a big deal to you when the order happens to be for one larger unit. Where this benefit really shines is when you need several thousand custom made screws or tiny inserts in order to complete a project.

Thanks to the use of multiple spindles coupled with the precision offered by CNC machine manufacturers, those smaller parts won't be made in quantities of a couple dozen per hour. Instead, the rate of production will be more along the lines of a few hundred. The result is your order is filled faster, and it's possible to avoid delays that could hamper your ability to take care of your customers.

The Savings to You

This approach to custom machining ends up saving you money in more ways than one. The most obvious is the unit cost that you have to pay. Since it's possible to create a higher volume per hour, the machining service can complete your order and move on to the next one faster. That results in lower labour costs and usually a slight reduction in the cost of each unit produced for you.

The savings don't stop there. The fact that your order is filled and delivered faster means you are able to jump right into whatever the project happens to be. If you have manufacturing equipment standing while you want on those custom parts, you are losing money. Once the parts are in place and the machinery is up and running again, you are making money.

Taking things one step further, what happens when you are able to fill orders to your customers in a way that exceeds their expectations? Are they likely to come back the next time they need something or will they look elsewhere? Obviously, they will be back because they know your business will meet the need quickly and at a great price. In this sense, using a machining service that employs multi spindle machinery in the production process helps you maintain a better relationship with your clients.

While the focus is usually on larger components, don't overlook the importance of securing smaller parts when the need arises. Work with a custom machining partner who is set up to produce those parts quickly, efficiently, and without any faults or lack of quality. Ultimately, the benefits to you and your customers will ensure everyone is happier.

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